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Vision Statement

Clarence E. McClendon Ministries
 The Place of Grace

By the grace of God, we will produce a prophetic people, co-laboring in a unified and balanced pursuit of the Great Commission of our Lord, Jesus Christ. While targeting the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Southern California Basin, we desire to effectively minister to people of diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. We will unite them in Kingdom love and purpose by preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, coupled with the teaching of the “uncompromised” Word of God.

We will employ both traditional and progressive methods that include, but are not limited to; weekly worship services, crusade evangelism, media ministry and creative outreaches for children, teens, and young adults. We will endeavor to share our victorious lives in Christ Jesus with an unregenerate and perishing world. Our energy and resources will focus on developing a harvesting and healing oasis in the Greater Los Angeles area, and empowering this local congregation to be living witnesses of Christ’ Resurrection power in every place.

John 5:1-4 2

Corinthians 2:14-16

Luke 24:47

Mark 16:15

Matthew 28:19

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