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PrayerForce Prayer Focus

PrayerForce Prayer Focus December 2018

Declaration: Every individual we pray for, the Spirit of God is being supplied to, and whatever they are experiencing we declare it is turning around for their deliverance!
Scripture: Philippians 1: 19

Declaration: We pray for our men and women of God, that the Holy Spirit may give them utterance as the mystery is revealed to them for the Body of Christ.
Scripture: Ephesians 6: 18-19

Declaration: Today, as we pray for our Kingdom Leaders, including all those in political authority, we declare the Spirit of God is being supplied for deliverance!
Scripture: Acts 12: 5-11

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PrayerForce Prayer Focus November 2018

Declaration: We declare that our witness brings evidence!
Scripture: John 6: 37-40

Declaration: We are His workmanship created in the Anointing!
Scripture: Ephesians 2: 10

Declaration: We do produce evidence that our witness is strong!
Scripture: John 12: 9

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PrayerForce Prayer Focus October 2018

Declaration: We are hearing the Voice of God! We know His Voice and Follow it!
Scripture: John 10: 3-4, 27

Declaration: The Voice of God is in us! The Wisdom of God and the Voice of God are clearly known to us!
Scripture: John 16: 13

Declaration: We have the Wisdom of God because we have asked for Wisdom in Faith!
Scripture: James 1: 5

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PrayerForce Prayer Focus September 2018

Declaration: We are not wrestling! We are standing and withstanding, using our weapons to defeat the devil by the blood of Jesus and the Word of God!
Scripture: Ephesians 6: 10-12

Declaration: We rebuke and speak to every unclean spirit!
Scripture: Mark 9:25-26

Declaration: We have authority to use the Name of Jesus regarding ALL disruptive/annoying spirits!
Scripture: Acts 16: 18

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PrayerForce Prayer Focus August 2018

Declaration: The times we have known of delays, denial, disgust and disenfranchisement are over! There shall be no more delays!
Scripture: Revelation 10: 6

Declaration: The revelation of Christ, the Anointed One and His Anointing in me is causing me to grow and understand that Christ is resident in me!
Scripture: Colossians 1: 27

Declaration: I am moving in the reality that there is a level of spiritual authority that God has purposed that I walk in. For Christ is in me, the hope of glory!
Scripture: John 14: 17

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PrayerForce Prayer Focus July 2018

Declaration: We are in no way terrified by our adversaries!
Scripture: Philippians 1: 27-30

Declaration: I will bless those who curse me, I will do good to those who hate me. And as I do, this I know, that I am being led by the Spirit! I will not allow my enemies to change my action!
Scripture: Matthew 5: 43-44

Declaration: No weapon formed against us shall prosper. This is a part of our inheritance! Every fiery dart is hitting the shield of faith and our adversaries are dropping their weapons!
Scripture: Isaiah 54: 17

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PrayerForce Prayer Focus June 2018

Declaration: We decree and declare that there shall be delay no longer! Everything that has to do with the Will of God and His people being where they are supposed to be is manifesting! We declare things are speeding up! Acceleration is taking place now!
Scripture: Revelation 10: 5-6

Declaration: We decree and declare that the Power of God is immediately going into action as we declare, believe and stand on the living Word of God!
Scripture: Matthew 8:3

Declaration: We release and dispatch angels to assist us, to expedite things and manifest those things that are delayed no longer! We receive them now in the name of Jesus!
Scripture: Hebrews 1: 14

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Prayer Directives March 2017

Prayer Directive: Pray for the Body of Christ to Rise
Scripture: Ezra 9:8

Prayer Directive: Pray that we would Rise (be strengthened) in our spirits
Scripture: Ephesians 3:16

Prayer Directive: Pray that we would Rise in the amount of seed we scatter into the Kingdom
Scripture: Mark 4: 26-29

Prayer Directive: Pray that we would Rise in our understanding of our authority to ‘go into the world’ and influence world systems.
Scripture: Ezra 9:8P

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Prayer Directives December 2016


Prayer Directive: We are using our Faith, our Stronghold, for what we have hoped for. We declare the Word of the Lord. DOUBLE IS RESTORED TO US TODAY… NOW!
Scripture: Zechariah 9:12

Prayer Directive: Instead of shame, WE RECEIVE DOUBLE HONOR. Instead of confusion, WE NOW REJOICE IN OUR PORTION FROM THE LORD. We are in our land and we receive DOUBLE! Everlasting Joy is Ours, And We Receive It!
Scripture: Isaiah 61:7

Prayer Directive: The Lord shows us the secrets of Wisdom that are Double… And do Double that which is!
Scripture: Job 11:6a (KJV)

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