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Receive a Miracle

You can Receive A Miracle that Settles the Issues in Your Life! 

“And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.”
Luke 24:49

While I was in my prayer room,  God showed me that the people of God were in need of a miracle right now, that has yet to be resolved. The need for guidance and direction so that the people of God can fully access and deploy the saving power of God.

I want you to get this. God is a miracle-working God. He is a healing God. He is a prospering God. But, as a New Creation believer, we must declare back to God what and who His Word He is. We have been given authority to activate His Word with our voice. We are supposed to declare the supernatural. We are supposed to declare that signs and wonders and miracles are manifested in our circumstances. 

As you go into the presence of God and pray, believe and receive what you are praying for. Believe and receive the supernatural manifestation. Believe and receive that the miracle that comes to you is going to Settle Your Issue, and Declare It!


 I challenge you to allow yourself to enter fully into the presence of God and reject all distractions so that the enemy cannot contaminate your thoughts.

Why? Because the enemy will argue and debate your salvation, deliverance or healing.

The enemy can argue and debate your salvation, but he cannot dispute when your sickness leaves your body. He cannot deny when a tumor that was there disappears. He cannot deny when blind eyes are opened and deaf ears are made to hear. That is supernatural evidence of what we say we believe!


As the praying prophet, I have come to declare :

  •  The issue is settled.
  • The anxiety is released.
  • The sickness is leaving your body.
  • The working of miracles shall flow.
  • You are going to produce evidence.  

You might say, “Bishop, I’m going to produce ‘evidence’ of what?

You are going to produce EVIDENCE that Jesus is who He says He is and that He does what He says He does! You shall be living evidence!

You are going to be one of those who are able to manifest evidence, Receive your MIRACLE! 

Now set yourself in agreement with me. Our faith together in the finished work of Jesus is already at work. Now I want you to mix your faith and your giving as Cornelius did in Acts 10:4. Something supernatural goes into operation when our prayers and faith are mixed. It’s not magic “I believe the matter is settled!”

I want you to Join the Prophetic Prayer list today and send your prayer request because I know what God is about to do in your life.

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