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Blessed To Be A Blessing Volume 1




As BELIEVERS we are already BLESSED, yet the Word says God’s covenant promise is that we are BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING! In this revelation-steeped teaching, Bishop McClendon uses biblical TRUTHS to confirm TITHING is not under the Law, but a COVENANT PRINCIPLE that engages God’s system of KINGDOM ECONOMICS for anyone who honors it! Instead of depending on an unstable world economy, tithing allows access to a GREATER dimension of God’s heavenly GOODS & SERVICES, enabling us to bless others through our ABUNDANCE and show off the greatness of our God!

Volume 1 contains the following messages: The Principle Of The Tithe: Blessed To Be A Blessing (Parts 1 and 2), The Blessing Principle of the Tithe: Prayer Won’t Help This, and What the Tither Takes to the Bank (Parts 1 and 2). (Entire series contains 17 messages.)

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