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Exercises To Disrupt Negative Routines

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The book Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart teaches Positive Psychology exercises to disrupt negative routines and thought patterns. Positive psychology might sound like a feel-good personal development ploy to some, but Positive Psychology is actually a scientific field that is used to help people attain more personal and professional satisfaction and well-being.

Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart promotes several of these Positive Psychology exercises to disrupt negative routines and thought patterns. Pick up your copy today, and begin your journey of personal development.

Letter of Self-Compassion

Positive Psychology exercises only become valuable when they’re put into practice. While the book contains several exercises, we thought we’d bring you two Positive Psychology tools that you can apply right away.

The first is a self-compassion letter. Self-compassion simply means that you treat yourself with esteem, care, and concern when confronted with your own errors and failures rather than putting yourself down or beating yourself up. There are three different components of a self-compassion letter, including:

1. Self-kindness
2. Common humanity
3. Mindfulness

To write yourself a letter of self-compassion, you are going to start with a part of yourself – whether it be a physical or personality trait – that you often criticize, dislike, and or are ashamed of. Then, you will write at length about how it makes you feel, using stories, examples, images in your mind, and anything else associated with the feeling to describe it.

Next, you are going to think about a friend or a relative who is unconditionally loving and supportive (imagine one if you don’t have one). You will write your letter of self-compassion from the perspective of this friend, thinking of how he or she supports and encourages you. It’s important to just let the words flow and not worry about structuring or phrasing. Set the letter aside for a half-hour, and then come back and read it. Let the words of compassion and support sink in and accept it, even reading it in your friend’s voice.

Take a Daily Vacation

Research has shown that people experience more happiness and a better overall state of well-being by increasing the number of positive experiences in their daily lives, not by increasing the intensity of positive experiences. This is important because many people go through life trying to intensify happy feelings from relationships and other means, which isn’t always possible. Instead of doing this, take a daily vacation.

Choose a different vacation every day. This can include going for a walk, going for a ride, taking a hot bubble bath, chatting with your bestie, watching the sunrise while sipping on your favorite morning beverage, or whatever else your imagination contrives. Choose whatever you enjoy. Just remember, your daily vacation is your time to relax and set aside your fears and worries for a while. Be present in the moment, and notice the sensations and how they make you feel.

These are just a couple of exercises to disrupt negative thoughts, and the book goes into greater detail about them, also detailing several other exercises that can create a positive state of being.

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