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Early Childhood Education London ON

Article provided by: Matthews Hall Private School

Early Childhood Education London ON

One of the most important aspects of choosing a school for early childhood education is the institution’s curriculum.

This is the most common concern of parents looking for good schools to enroll their young children to take their first educational steps.

Early years education is crucial because that’s when children learn the basics about the world around them and how to relate and communicate with their peers. Finding the best early childhood curriculum is vital for children.

At Matthews Hall, we have one of the ideal early childhood studies courses in Ontario.

Our early childhood education curriculum is focused on creating a safe learning space where students can develop the fundamental skills that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Three aspects make our early childhood education curriculum one of the most important in Ontario. We’ll talk about them here.


Holistic approach

Our program takes advantage of and develops children’s abilities to communicate complex thoughts by speaking and writing.

That innate talent for rationalizing and expressing ideas is what we reinforce through an education that involves our students’ physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.

Our curriculum necessarily takes a holistic approach that allows us to make room for our students’ differences and talents, as long as they are expressed in a collaborative and communicative framework.



Our curriculum for early childhood education includes the disciplines and foundations necessary for our students to perform comfortably at the highest education levels.

We do not only cover the basics, but we also stimulate the learning process of our students through exposure to the performing and visual arts, as well as music and physical education, everything from an early age.

Different subjects covered in our curriculum for early childhood education are:

  • English
  • French
  • Mathematics
  • Science/Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Drama
  • Visual Arts
  • Music

Through these subjects, children begin to understand the basics of mathematical and literary reasoning and develop an early interest in science and technology.

This translates into students who enjoy their learning process and are also able to work harmoniously with their peers.

Co-curricular activities

In addition to the general curriculum, children’s education at Matthews Hall is complemented by a wide range of activities, from chess and debate clubs to girls’ associations in science and sports teams.

The three most critical co-curricular focuses for Matthews Hall School are its athletic clubs (including the swimming, tennis, and skating teams), community service projects, and the chess club.

Our complete offer of co-curricular activities is the perfect complement to develop the specific talents of each student, while at the same time allowing us to encourage healthy socialization processes among the children.

The combination of our holistic approach, our curriculum, and our offer of co-curricular activities is what positions us as one of the best educational options in Ontario.

If you want to learn more about our early childhood education curriculum, feel free to contact Matthew’s Hall Admission’s office: 519.471.1506

Early Childhood Education London ON

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