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Cemetery Monument Designs Ky

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Cemetery Monument Designs Ky

Cemetery Monument Designs by Evans Monuments

A cemetery monument refers to a grave marker that is made of a block of sturdy stone where the name of the deceased person is inscribed or engraved.

Evans Monuments will provide you just that. We have a variety of cemetery monument designs for the grave of your departed loved one.

Why Choose us for your Cemetery Monument Designs?

Here at Evans Monuments, we take pride in what we do. Here are the reasons why you must choose us for your cemetery monument designs:

  • Wide range of gravestones – we have a wide range of gravestones such as marble, granite, and imported stones from all parts of the world such as Asia, Africa, and South America among others.
  • Full replacement warranty guaranteed – in each and every product that we sell here at Evans Monuments, we guarantee our clientele a full replacement warranty.
  • Free international and local delivery – even if you are located outside of our local area, we will pay the freight fees for you. It will be a part of the service.
  • Free cemetery monument arrangement and installation – from contacting the cemetery regarding rules, regulations, and restrictions when it comes to monuments up to the installation of your cemetery monument, we will be the one to run errands for you with absolutely no added charges.

Custom Cemetery Designs Services

Aside from our ready-made cemetery monument designs, we also offer custom-made. We have a team of professional monument designers who use traditional forms of stone artistry. Just tell us what design you have in mind or give us a rough sketch of what you want to order.

Our monument designers are also proficient in modern computer tools for digital drafting and designing stones for cemetery monuments. We have proprietary software, also called as closed source software. This premium computer software is used by designers or any person with an invention or works of the mind to retain full intellectual property rights (patent rights and/or copyright of the source code). This allows our clientele to be a part of the designing process where you can freely request for changes before bringing the design to life.

Feel free to take a look at the portfolio of our cemetery monument designs at our office by appointment. We are located at 3204 Bardstown Road, Louisville KY 40205 U.S.A. We are open 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays and 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Cemetery Monument Designs Ky

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Cemetery Monument Designs Ky

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